The People

Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Cancer Support Community California Central Coast:
Our Founders, Board of Directors, and Dedicated Staff.

Get to know the driving forces and passionate individuals who have propelled Cancer Support Community California Central Coast to where it stands today. Our founders, board of directors, and dedicated staff share a common commitment: to provide unwavering support to cancer patients and their families, free of charge. Learn more about the remarkable individuals who have made it their mission to ensure no one faces cancer alone.

Our Staff

Candice Sanders Galli
Executive Director

Carol Dietrich RN, LMFT
Clinical Director

Debbie Fransen
Office Manager

Debbi Heredia M.S.
Registered Associate MFT

Kristin McMaster, MSW
Facilitator & Counselor

Katie Boucher, LMFT

Board Directors

  • Elena Clark – Chair
  • Jessica Wheeler – Vice Chair
  • Marci Miller – Treasurer
  • Shannon Berry, MD – Past Chair
  • John Arnold
  • Marisa Bolivar
  • Brian DiCarlo, MD
  • Tyson Hayward
  • Hayley Mattson
  • Mary Mott-Okimoto, NP
  • April Nolan
  • Rich Secchiaroli
  • Cindy Wittstrom
  • Officer Emeritus – Thom Schulz

Our Founders

Meet the visionaries who ignited the spark that became Cancer Support Community California Central Coast. In the face of their own cancer diagnoses and the lack of local resources to support them, Deborah Mann and Justin Baldwin, along with the support of devoted friends, embarked on a mission to create a haven for families in need. Discover the inspiring journey of our founders, whose determination and compassion continue to light the way for countless others on their cancer journeys.

Justin Baldwin

Nancy and Doug Beckett

Laura Coats and Thom Schulz

Gwen and Tom Erskine

Smita and Dr. Sanjay Ganpule

Sherry and Robert Gilson

Jill and Robert Heely

Deborah Mann

Gina and William Miller

Pamela and Richard Niner

Volunteer Opportunities

Cancer Support Community CA Central Coast offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, including assisting at events, administrative tasks, and supporting fundraising efforts. Volunteering at events is a great way to contribute to their mission, helping to raise awareness and funds for cancer support programs in the Central Coast region. Your involvement as a volunteer can make a meaningful difference.