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Cancer support is not just about curing the body; it’s about healing the spirit and nurturing the soul.

A beacon of hope and healing for those affected by cancer. Our organization offers a wide range of resources, from educational materials to emotional support, creating a nurturing environment for individuals and their families. We proudly partner with local healthcare providers, community organizations, and experts in the field. Together, we strive to make each journey through cancer a little less challenging and a lot more hopeful.

Other Resources

What if you could reach everyone who is important in your life at the same time?  Loved ones, family members, friends?  By using MyLifeLine, our new communications solution, you can send out messages, coordinate schedules, exchange information and make sure everyone is on the same page about treatment, activities and support needs. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed and in touch—plus, it’s free, secure, confidential and specifically for anyone impacted by cancer. 

 Keep Your Friends & Family Informed & Involved

  1.   Connect through your private community website
  2.   Post on your interactive blog to document your cancer journey
  3.   Create events & receive volunteers on the Helping Calendar
  4.   Assign Care Coordinators to help manage your site

 Connect with Others Like You on our discussion boards

  1.   Find support and hope
  2.   Exchange information, opinions, and stories
  3.   Moderated by a licensed professional
  4.   Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

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Is Cancer in Your Life? Give us a Call at 1-888-793-9355

The Cancer Support Helpline staff are available to counsel cancer patients or their loved ones who are struggling to cope with a cancer diagnosis. Our trained professionals can be reached toll-free at 1-888-793-9355 or via live chat, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PT ; Friday, 8:00a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PT